Drought conditions in Montana and North Dakota

Precipitation was below normal for much of the high plains areas prompting the expansion of the extreme and exceptional drought designation to southwest South Dakota and western Wyoming. Drought was expanded throughout Montana where long-term precipitation deficits remain.   According to the United States...


Today states and provinces are capable of managing most emergencies; however there are times when disasters exceed the state or provincial resources and therefore require outside assistance. Even when federal assistance is merited, cross border mutual aid assistance may be more readily available, less...

Minnesota Floods 2014

Minnesota was besieged in June 2014 by some of its most widespread flooding in years. Water spilled onto streets in downtown St. Paul, crops of soybeans and corn were damaged and a state of emergency was declared in 35 counties.

CP Train

United States and Canada have experienced a rapidly growing number of trains carrying crude oil to refineries. The crude oil that has received the most attention is the Bakken crude oil drilled in the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba, and the states of North...

Emergency Operation Center

Emergency Operation Center (EOC) in Madison, Wisconsin